Welcome to the website of fine artist, Raymond John Westraadt.

A Port Elizabeth-based artist, Westraadt has been honing his craft for more than 10 years.

His choice of medium is oil paint on canvas and he delights in turning his attention to neglected objects, inviting his viewer to imbue these objects with their own stories and imagined memories.

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Raymond John Westraadt – (1961 –  )

P E Technikon              1980    Foundation Studies

Further training

2006    Dumisane Mabaso  (print making)

2007    Pieter Janse van Rensburg      (painting)


Lavender Barn             2002 (joint with Frans Boekkooi and Rick Becker)

Nieu Bethesda             2005    Fugard Festival

The Coral Tree            2006    Joint with Dumisane Mabaso

Chocolat Art                2007 – 2012    Graaff-Reinet

Nieu Bethesda             2010    “The Road less travelled” (Joint)

Chocolat Art                2012 to current – Port Elizabeth

KKNK                            2012    Oudtshoorn (solo)

NAF Grahamstown     2013    (joint with Mishak Masuku)

State of the Art             2014    (Cape Town – online)

GFI (Ron Belling)         2014    Port Elizabeth

Cuyler Street Gallery   2014    Port Elizabeth  (joint)

NAF Grahamstown     2014    “abandonment” (solo)

William Humphreys   2015    “memories of the inevitable” (solo)

NAF Grahamstown     2015    “memories of the inevitable II” (solo)

Nieu Bethesda             2015    Karoo Modern (joint)

Germany                       2015    Certificate of Excellence 2015 – Palm Art.

NAF Grahamstown     2016    “Anthropology of Tractors”

Firefly Innovations     2016     International listing – Online Art platform

Art Compass 2016      2016    International Book Listing – Europe & USA

Just Painting 2016.     2016 – 2017 NMMAM Port Elizabeth. (joint)

ArtTourInternational 2018 – Listing

Grimandi Art Gallery 2018 – Digital Exhibition – Manhattan NYC

Grimandi Art Gallery 2019 – Exhibition (joint) – Manhattan NYC

Viviana Puello Gallery 2019 – Exhibition – Manhattan NYC

Artist Statement

“growing up in a city where the brutal and painful dismantling of an entire way of life was once deemed legitimate, I began to understand the careless disregard of man in an attempt to improve.  We have become a moving mass, so easy to dispose of things and this reaches down into our very core, even the shelter we call home.  South End, Port Elizabeth (up to 1969) was my birthplace and the systematic destruction of this neighbourhood in the name of progress has a great influence on the way I work and the images I produce.

My way of protesting this action is to try and stimulate a remembrance, the conscience thoughts of people by exposing them to that which looks and feels familiar, that which we grew up with – the old way of life when things seemed simpler.

The buildings I paint reflect an attitude rather than an image, abandonment and despair, but with reference to hope albeit only in our minds-eye.  The starkness of the buildings in a desolate background will serve as an intense focus on the story behind the lives that drifted through these buildings and not so much the building itself.  Although the buildings are devoid of life, the observer is left to draw their own conclusions as to the many stories that the image may evoke in them.

The images may have been born out of my intense appreciation of Surrealism, but the approach adopted by artists such as Edward Hopper wherein discourse constantly nags at the subconscious, is a constant driving force in my work.”

~ Raymond John Westraadt

Article in the June 2017 edition of the SAJBL by Prof. Dr. C Grobler. Very honoured……..

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Art Compass 2015 Listing 001



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Cars, Trains and Planes





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My Blog

I have been invited to show some of my work at the upcoming Nieu-Bethesda Kunsuitstalling 2017. The exhibition will run from 26 August 2017. One of my favourite places to exhibit. What this space for details!!


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